Bridges & Utilities
ABCI has grown over the past several years to add bridges and utilities to our resume and scope of operations.  ABCI continues to pursue new projects and scope of operations.
ABCI is a pioneer and leader in the Lubbock area for asphalt pavement production.  ABCI was the first in Lubbock to produce and move to warm mix technology, which improves long term performance and reduces emissions.  ABCI has employed the use of trackless tack on several projects to create a better end product and reduce asphalt tracking outside the project.  ABCI is the only locally owned and operated, TXDOT certified asphalt pavement company.  Our experience with TXDOT and the City of Lubbock enables us to provide quality mix for any customer.
ABCI concrete crews have experience in everything ranging from flatwork to structures.  ABCI utilizes two, strategically placed concrete plants to service Lubbock and produce TXDOT and City of Lubbock concrete.
Whether it is hundreds or hundreds of thousands of yards, ABCI has the equipment and resources to efficiently move dirt.  From excavation to embankment, ABCI provides the necessary equipment to complete the project.